Venice Glass Arts explores the beauties of Murano Glass

Exclusive and limited handmade Glass Artworks in Murano Glass made in Italy now available for shipping in Australia and worldwide

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“What I would like to see is more honesty on telling people what they are purchasing. This is a form of respect not only for customers but especially for the craftsmen still working with passion and real love for this amazing art.” Roberto, founder



Vetro a lume (Lampwork) are the oldest known works from the island of Murano (Venice). The term “Lampwork derives from the use, in the past, of a flame from an oil lamp.



Murano is an island of the Venetian Lagoon, in the North Adriatic Sea. Murano has 5.600 people living throughout the seven small islands crossed by canals and connected to each other by hundreds of bridges.

Venice Glass Arts presents a series of glass figurines, glass animals, glass saculptures, glass vases and many other glass artworks 100% handmade in Italy by third generation glass master.

We are also offering an extensive range of other Murano glass products inclusive of lighting, interior design, jewelry, Venetian mirrors and many other amazing Venetian glass artworks.