Various types of creations of handmade Murano glass

The technique of lampworking allows to create various types of designs depending on and according with the imagination of the craftsman. The glass artwork can go from simple animals such as glass pigs in Murano glass, glass cats, glass dogs, glass fish, glass snails and glass turtles just to name a few, up to more complex works that require more careful workmanship and the finest details.

A flamingo handmade with Murano glass expresses the complexity of this technique. Besides being able to give personality to the animal and give it his own movement, the artisan has to put on the bench all his skills in handling the hot glass, so meticulous detail work, but at the same time not waste time and to cool the glass too. The peculiarity of lampworking is in fact the speed with which the work must be created and the need to keep in heated glass without melting it.

A video about the technique of lampworking Murano can explain better than any words the magic and complexity of this technique.

Click here to watch the video.