Use of Glass

Glass is a common material that is used because of its properties of low reactivity and hardness. In particular, it is used in the production of homeware such as glasses, cups, bottles and trays, but also other items such as light bulbs, mirrors, windows, doors. Furthermore, it is also used in the production of televisions, screens and monitors.

The glass used for the production of household items is a glass of special quality that is commonly referred to as crystal. This type of glass is very precious because of its brilliance and sonority, appreciated in wine glasses for example.

Another type of glass commonly used is the Pyrex glass, which has characteristics of greater strength and lower thermal expansion, important factors that determine a greater resistance. The Pyrex is widely used for the production of lenses, bottles and various containers used in chemical, physical and biological laboratories.

The quartz glass is a glass more difficult to work. While the volcanic glass have been used since the age of the stone for the realization of lithic tools with a working technique archaic but which could also be used for the glass used to the present day.

What I would like to see is more honesty on telling people what they are purchasing.

Roberto Voltolina, Founder

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