Murano Glass Animal Family

Murano Glass Animals families

Venice Glass Arts has made available a wide range of Murano Glass animals’ family which are the perfect gift for any special occasion.

A Murano Glass animals’s family is composed by 4 pieces (one mother and three little children) and it can reproduced any animals. We currently have available:

– Dolphins families in Murano Glass

– Swans families in Murano Glass

– Dogs families in Murano Glass

– Snails families in Murano Glass

– Fishes families in Murano Glass

– Penguins families in Murano Glass

– Pigs families in Murano Glass

– Cats families in Murano Glass

– Turtles families in Murano Glass

Each animal family in Murano Glass is entirely handmade in Italy with the lampworking technique.

Average mother’s size: 5 cm high x 3 cm wide x 5 cm long (approximately – depending on the animal created)
Average children’s size: 4 cm high x 2 cm wide x 4 cm long (approximately – depending on the animal created)

Price: AUD $34.00

What I would like to see is more honesty on telling people what they are purchasing.

Roberto Voltolina, Founder

Exclusive and limited handmade Glass Artworks in Murano Glass made in Italy now available for shipping in Australia and worldwide

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