Murano glass tableware is manufactured by skilled glass masters who are able to create a wide range of drinkware, candle holders, accessories, collectables and goblets.

A very famous item of the drinkware range is the GOTO DEL DOGE or GOTO VENEZIANO which is a drinking vessels traditionally used by glass masters in the furnaces to drink water. The legend said the glass masters used to quickly create a drinking vessels with a not uniform shape and of any color available. They let the GOTO cool off to be then used for drinking water during their breaks.

The GOTO VENEZIANO is now a very precious glass creation which combine various colors along with gold and silver leaves, and murrina. It usually comes with two different combination of colors. In fact, the GOTO color inside can be totally different from the outside color.

Murano glass tableware are usually used in very special occasion to impress guest. Or it is also very common to see Murano glass tableware as wedding gifts or wedding favors. In fact, Murano glass tableware represents without a doubt one of the most precious accessories for a special dinner or lunch.

What I would like to see is more honesty on telling people what they are purchasing.

Roberto Voltolina, Founder

Exclusive and limited handmade Glass Artworks in Murano Glass made in Italy now available for shipping in Australia and worldwide

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