Murano glass ornaments were very popular in any Venetian palace in the past and many authentic reproductions are now available in the market thanks to Murano glass furnace specialized in glass ornaments such as vases, bottles, aquariums and centerpieces.


In Venice and Murano there a large number of Murano glass shops which offers an interesting range of glass ornaments for any desires and of any shapes and colors. Fortunately, nowadays it is possible to buy authentic Murano glass ornaments online from Murano glass company who offer excellent delivery service and the opportunity to customize any item.

The glass masters are able to meet every need in terms of colors and shapes, and the most challenging is the request the most precious is the final artwork deliver by the artist. Craftsmen in Murano can be specialized in glass picture frames, glass figurines, glass paperweights, glass fruits, glass candies and glass flowers.

Of particular interest are the amazing glass sculptures which can be figurative or abstract. Some of the most common glass sculpture represent prancing horses or heads. But the artist creativity is infinitive and there are no animals that cannot be reproduced with a Murano Glass sculpture.

What I would like to see is more honesty on telling people what they are purchasing.

Roberto Voltolina, Founder

Exclusive and limited handmade Glass Artworks in Murano Glass made in Italy now available for shipping in Australia and worldwide

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