Murano Glass

Murano glass is a real fine art, which expresses itself in many ways from interior design, to glass ornaments, glass jewellery, glass sculpture and glass figurines just to name few of them.

Everybody knows that the island of Murano is the iconic symbol of Murano glass art, and not just because numerous glass furnaces and studio are based in the island, but also because Murano is traditionally home town of the most famous glass masters. Glass masters are very skilled and experienced craftsmen who are devoted to the glass making industry and the put all their creativity and passion in their works.

Glass masters creations are truly artworks even if produced in glass making factory. In fact, the Murano glass industry is very large and some glass creations are produced in large scale but always using traditional methods. Glass blowing is a very famous technique, which allow to create amazing artworks. Lampworking is another method of manufacturing, which is practiced in little studios by old artisans. In fact, not many youth Venetians are into the lampworking industry due to a lost of interest for original Murano glass souvenirs by tourists who prefer cheap glass animals instead of original glass figurines, glass animal families and other small authentic objects.

The Murano glass industry in Venice is well known for creating beautiful artworks such as glass figurines; glass sculptures; Venetian, French style, modern and mosaic mirrors; glass jewelry including necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets, wristwatches and accessories; modern and classical lightings such as ceiling, chandeliers, appliques, table lamps and floor lamps; Venetian and modern furnitures.

Some of the most beautiful Murano glass creations are ornaments of any kind such as vases and bottles, aquariums, centerpieces, paperweights, picture frames, figurines, collectables, fruits, candies and flowers, smokers and games, and clocks.

Following the Venetian tradition of fine and stylish tableware, many Murano glass factories still reproduce such amazing creations. Many people love to have in their our Venetian glass drinkware of any size and shape, glass candle holders, glass accessories such as bottle stoppers, various collectable and goblets.

Without any doubts there are many occasions to buy Murano glass whether is it a present or simply just for a personal pleasure. Many please like to spoil themselves and many other use Murano glass artworks as the perfect gift idea for a special occasion: Mother day, Father day, Easter, Business events, Wedding favors, Wedding gifts, Valentine’s day, Christmas gifts and Christmas ornaments.

What I would like to see is more honesty on telling people what they are purchasing.

Roberto Voltolina, Founder

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