Walrus in Murano Glass

Handmade Glass Walrus in Murano Glass

Handmade Glass’ Walrus – Made in Italy
Size: 4 cm high x 3 cm wide x 5 cm long (approximately)
Combination of colours available:
– green and other colors

Price per unit: AUD $29.00
(Including delivery within Australia by AusPost, 1-5 business days)






The craftsman, when he creates a Glass Walrus using lampworking technique, not only focuses on the shape of the animal that wants to create, but mostly tries to recreate his movements, his expressions and posture to make it as real as possible.

What is amazing is that each Glass Figurine is a unique piece of art because it cannot be reproduced a second time. Each artwork will always be different. This is what makes lampworking a unique technique for working the glass. Every craftsman knows how to customize his artwork and give it his personal touch and the inspiration of the moment.

You may have noticed that every Glass Figurine has a different detail. Sometimes the tail is directed upwards, sometimes downwards. Sometimes the eyes look straight ahead, occasionally looking up. Other times, the ears are different. Or even the posture is always different from one another. Depending on the type of animal depicted, the craftsman always knows how to make it unique and make it look alive. But only the imagination of each person can make reality this magic.