Venetian Goto

Goto del Doge
Handmade Murano Glass Vase – Made in Italy
Size: 13 cm high x 10 cm diameter (approximately)
Combination of colours available:
– various colors available with Murrina, and gold and silver leaves.

Price per unit: AUD $249.00

Venice Glass Arts has launched a set of limited and unique Goti, designed by the creativity of Nirvano Voltolina and decorated with gold and silver leaves, and precious Murrina.

Goto in the Venetian dialect means “drinking vessels used at the furnace”. It is also known as Venetian Goto or Goto del Doge.

Goti were created there and then by the master glass-blowers when they needed to have a quick drink of water as they toiled. Grabbing the first scraps of coloured glass that came to hand, they crafted a vessel that was unique each and every time.