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Authentic and quality Murano glass is finally available for purchase worldwide thanks to secure online platforms, which offer a wide range of glass artworks. Venice Glass Arts is currently offering a large selection of handcrafted items through its own shop online on Etsy. As you may probably know, Etsy is the largest online platform for selling and purchasing products created by craftsmen.

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Venice Glass Arts has also developed a colloboration with, which offers a very large range of Murano glass inclusive of furniture, mirrors, lightings, sculptures and ornaments. also has it own shop in Venice, but for those one who live overseas and love original Murano glass, this Venetian glass company offer the best products in the market.

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Murano Glass original from Venice

Both Venice Glass Arts and MuranoNet are able to ship orders worldwide with a very efficient service at affordable cost including America, Oceania, Europe, Asia and Africa.


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