Artistic Glass

The techniques of glass processing are numerous, each of which is suited to the type of glass article to be produced. Artistic glass means glass that gives life to glass artworks such as goblets and glasses, vases, trays and other homeward, as well as to objects such as sculptures, beads and mosaics.

The artistic glass is normally produced by the technique of glass blowing or flame-worked glass (or lampworking). The crystal glass is especially used in artistic glass because of its characteristics of colorness and high quality, often due to a high content of lead. Thanks to crystal glass, worked with the technique of glass blowing which gave rise to exceptional creations of objects hand-blown, Murano has become known throughout the world thanks to its numerous furnaces or glass factories. Among the most important are Venini, Mazzuccato, Cenedese, Effetre, Formia International, Moretti, Salviati Seguso, just to name a few.

The artistic glass, among many applications, it is also very famous for the creation of stained glass windows for churches, which are created using colored glass or mosaics.

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