Today, 13th of May, Venice Glass Arts is glad to announce the launching of our website designed by Andrea Baldassa.

The website is easy to be explored through its section:

  • Welcome Page: a touch of Venice and the beauty of some Glass Artworks welcome visitors before selecting the language.
  • Glass Artworks: click on the images and enter in a full description for each Glass Artwork supported by amazing photos and video.
  • About us: know more about the origin of project of promoting Murano Glass.
  • What is ‘Vetro a lume’: did you know that ‘Vetro a lume’ technique it doesn’t consist on blowing glass? Know more about skills, tools and passion behind Lampworks.
  • How is it made (Video): a series of videos make you feel like standing beside a Glass Master watching him creating Glass Artworks.
  • Contact us: follow us on Facebook and Twitter to stay tuned with news, events and new content.

Contact us for more information about the exclusive and limited Glass Artworks available for purchase or click on “Buy Online” to order your handmade Murano Glass Artwork – Made in Italy.
We would love to hear from you, please give us your feedback. Your comments are important for us!

Enjoy the Website!!

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